Nilesh Janathe:

Art is a passion for Nilesh. He got his inspiration from the TV shows LA Ink and Miami ink. He then decided to make tattooing his career. He specializes in Realistic, Abstract and Geometrical Tattoo’s. He is very enthusiastic about tattooing and makes each tattoo from his heart.





Santosh Solanki:

Santosh wanted to do something different from what his family had been doing. He started making tattoos from home at the age of 13. It wasn’t a easy journey for him but he wanted to be independent. He specializes in Horror tattoos and skulls. Tattooing is a passion for him, its changed his life as now he’s got a direction and wants to really grow in his field.


Shyam Waghmare:

Shyam Waghmare started temporary tattooing in college. He then bought a machine and started doing permanent tattoo’s from home. Though a very difficult journey, there’s been no looking back for him from there. He specializes in Realistic tattoo, Line Art, Abstract Tattoo, Dot work and piercing. His focus in life is only inking people. He wants to create a name for himself and is getting the recognition now.


Sam Mandis:

Sam Mandis had a passion for sketching and used to sketch day and night. At that time he wasn’t sure about what career he wanted to pursue but found an interest in tattooing. His specialises in Line Art and Small Tattoos. He gets happiness when he sees the client get happy seeing their tattoo. According to him, there is something new to learn from every person you encounter, listening to their thoughts, concepts and ideas.