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Sam Mandis:

Sam Mandis had a passion for sketching and used to sketch day and night. At that time he wasn’t sure about what career he wanted to pursue but found an interest in tattooing. His specialises in Line Art and Small Tattoos. He gets happiness when he sees the client get happy seeing their tattoo. According to him, there is something new to learn from every person you encounter, listening to their thoughts, concepts and ideas.

Shyam Waghmare:

Shyam Waghmare started temporary tattooing in college. He then bought a machine and started doing permanent tattoo’s from home. Though a very difficult journey, there’s been no looking back for him from there. He specializes in Realistic tattoo, Line Art, Abstract Tattoo, Dot work and piercing. His focus in life is only inking people. He wants to create a name for himself and is getting the recognition now.

Santosh Solanki:

Santosh wanted to do something different from what his family had been doing. He started making tattoos from home at the age of 13. It wasn’t a easy journey for him but he wanted to be independent. He specializes in Horror tattoos and skulls. Tattooing is a passion for him, its changed his life as now he’s got a direction and wants to really grow in his field.

Nilesh Janathe:

Art is a passion for Nilesh. He got his inspiration from the TV shows LA Ink and Miami ink. He then decided to make tattooing his career. He specializes in Realistic, Abstract and Geometrical Tattoo’s. He is very enthusiastic about tattooing and makes each tattoo from his heart.





‘Body Canvas Tattoos & Piercings’ today is one of the biggest and leading tattoo parlours and piercing studios in Mumbai. It was started in Mumbai with the vision of being recognized as a successful, growing, ethical provider of quality and creative tattoos in a safe, hygienic and sterile environment. Having been in the tattoos industry since 1998, ‘Body Canvas Tattoos & Piercings’ offers you a team of experienced and highly skilled foreign trained tattoo artists who have over the years mastered different types of tattoo art styles ranging from old school and tribal tattoos to biomechanical tattoos: from abstract tattoos to realistic and fantasy tattoos.  

Our Purpose is:

To create a higher awareness and understanding of tattoos, hygiene procedures and standards. To remove social stigmas attached to tattooing. To provide quality tattoos in a good, risk-free and professional setting as opposed to ‘high’ junkies doing it in risky settings. To promote tattooing as an upcoming and fruitful career. To facilitate and help creative and talented budding tattoo artists.


Vikas Malani
Vikas Malani

Vikas Malani: Founder, Sr. Artist

Micky Malani
Micky Malani

MICKY MALANI: Sr. artistic director




What is a tattoo?

A tattoo is the permanent colouring, usually in the form of design, of the second layer of skin (dermis) and it is achieved by pricking the skin and applying permanent inks under the surface. It is a body modification done for self-expression.

How is a tattoo done?

A needle, connected to a small machine with tubes containing tattoo ink, repeatedly pricks into the skin. Each needle puncture inserts tiny droplets of ink. For a large tattoo, the process may last several hours and might cause a small amount of bleeding.

It’s a tattoo, not a taboo!

People get tattoos for a variety of reasons, but most of all it’s considered a form of self-expression. Each tattoo should ideally have some emotions attached to it. There is usually a particular connection between a person and his tattoo, and that is the reason people hold their tattoos so close to themselves. There have been certain taboos related to tattoos, but that was in the past when people considered anything out of the usual as ‘abnormal.’ It’s a whole different story today! Tattoos are made using the best tattoo machines, and proper hygiene and sterilization procedures are followed so that there is less pain, no infection and the tattoos are detailed, precise and beautiful. All kinds of people, from various walks of life like bankers, lawyers, politicians, doctors, engineers, IT professionals, builders, etc. come to our studio to get tattoos! Tattoos are no longer considered a ‘biker guy’s’ thing. Tattoos have come a long way from the time that they were done by some guy sitting on the road to professional artists with proper knowledge and training, making tattoos in clean, hygienic studios.

Avoiding infection:

Chances of infection are very rare if proper hygiene and other precautions are taken care of before, while and after getting a tattoo. There are standards set out by The Alliance of Professional Tattooists. Body Canvas adheres to these rules.

Here are some things to check for:
It’s imperative to make sure the tattoo studio is clean and safe, and that all equipment used is disposable (in the case of needles, gloves, masks, colour, etc.) and sterilized.
Make sure the tattoo studio has an autoclave (a device that uses steam, pressure, and heat for sterilization). You are allowed to watch as equipment is sterilized in the autoclave

Tattoo Removal

Getting a tattoo may seem like a very good idea, but many people who get one often want to remove it at some point for numerous reasons. Individuals who want tattoo removal often say it’s like hot oil is being sprayed on the area. Tattoo removal is not always painful, and many tattoo removers are pain-free. Tattoo pigment resides in the deep layers of the skin making it permanent. There are many removal treatments like dermabrasion, salabrasion, surgical excision, skin grafts, but Body Canvas does laser tattoo removal which is one of the most effective methods and has several benefits- it works relatively fast erasing the tattoo and is the well-tested procedure.

About “Nd:YAG” Laser Tattoo removal

“Nd: YAG” Laser is a procedure in which a beam of light at a particular wavelength is applied to the skin and is absorbed by coloured pigments in the skin, including melanin and tattoo pigments. The laser is specially designed for tattoo removal bypass the epidermis (the top layer of skin), applying a powerful blast of energy to the tattoo pigment particle, effectively “blowing them up” and releasing the pigment. The body then absorbs taking six weeks absorbing and clearing released pigments.

Pre-Laser Treatment

Pre-treatment care is essential before getting a tattoo removed. Clients need to avoid sun exposure for few weeks. Sunlight increases the risk of hypopigmentation (skin discoloration). If the customer has a history of cold sores in the area to be treated, medication is prescribed by the Body Canvas physician before the laser procedure. To reduce the pain, a topical anaesthesia is prescribed.

During Laser Treatment

This procedure may cause snapping or stinging sensation. The Laser hand piece is applied to the skin to deliver the laser light. Protect glasses are worn to protect the patient’s eyes from the light. The distance between pistol head and the skin is 3 to 4 fingers long. A different wavelength of the laser is used as per black / brown / coffee pigmentation. Higher power laser is used with multiple wavelengths have the capability to target deeper pigment and various colours.

After Laser Treatment

Following aftercare guidelines is fundamental during the laser tattoo removal process. A proper dressing is done to the removed tattoo area before you leave. This dressing should be removed once home. Apply an antibiotic ointment and a band-aid to the treated area for one to two weeks as prescribed by Body Canvas Physician. Keep the area away from water for a 48 hour. Blistering and swelling are normal over the tattoo, which will go away within 7-10 days. Do not pick any scabbing to the area as this will damage the skin. Once the area is healed, we recommend massaging bio-oil into the skin twice daily until your next appointment. The treated area should not be directly exposed to sunlight or sun beds for 7-14 days.

Number of Sittings

Minimum 5-6 sittings required.

Duration of Each Laser Treatment

The length of this treatment varies depending on the size of the area being treated. A few age spots may be lasered in a few minutes. A large tattoo may require 30 minutes or longer. But the large sizes need to be treated by steps. The interval between 2 sessions will be 21 days to 30 days as per skin reaction.


Body canvas recognizes how crucial it is for the right growth of tattoos in our country, to make sure that every person stepping into it should be equipped with the correct knowledge and technique, for his own good as well as for the good of the industry.

We have devised a full-fledged course toinstil knowledge of every aspect of tattooing that will allow for safe, successful implementation of permanent, pleasing tattoos along with full explanation and understanding of operating a prosperous tattoo business.Upon completion of this course you will be confident and able to perform efficient, creative tattoos. You will also have the necessary information for ordering supplies and running your own business. We strive to be a complete tattoo learning facility that offers beginner to advanced courses. If you want to be a tattoo artist, we will give you the answer to all your questions and the complete package so that you can move closer to your dreams.


A career is much more than a job. Unlike jobs, careers bring a much greater sense of satisfaction, passion, and interest that lends itself to pursuing new challenges, obtaining long-term stability, and receiving a sense of satisfaction with work. Finding the right career is an important life step no matter what stage you are in and this will allow you to do what you love and love what you do.

Becoming a tattoo designer is not something you wake up one morning and decide to do. The career of a tattoo designer is a business like any other. This business is more difficult than others, due to the reputation some people still hold against professional designers.

To excel in this field, one must have the right training and practise. It will take you at least 4-5 yrs of training and practise before you are absolutely confident of your work and can call yourself experienced. Having a background in art always helps and it’s never too late to consider it, but it’s not mandatory. What are mandatory are the following characteristics:

A flair for design and creativity.

A steady hand.

A curious interest of various cultures.

Patience and dedication.

Good interpersonal skills.

Extremely good attention to detail.

Empathetic nature and the ability to turn clients’ ideas into reality.

Looking for a job with Bodycanvas? Contact us for the following posts (depending on availability): studio manager, administration head, tattoo artists!



Print media

Body canvas has been in the news since a long time for its consistent quality work and client satisfaction. Some of the newspapers that have featured Body Canvas are Times of India, Hindustan Times, Mid-day, DNA, Indian Express and other Health and Nutrition Magazines.

News Channels

Body Canvas has been featured on channels like IBN, TV 9, MTV Star Plus, Lemon TV and NDTV Good Times.

Entertainment channels

We have also featured in programs like MAA exchange on SONY, won the tattoo challenge on the show called “I’m too sexy for my shoes” on NDTV Good Times, shot for Surya the cop from the CID production house, Sony.


Body Canvas has also made tattoos for Priyanka Chopra for the film Pyar Impossible, Fardeen Khan for All the best, worked on Anil Kapoor’s tattoo for Tashan and many others.

Commercial ads

We have made tattoos for MS Dhoni for Max Oil, for Nike Bleed Blue featuring Zaheer Khan and Sreesanth, Dish TV ad of Shah Rukh Khan and so on. The list is endless.


We have made permanent tattoos for many TV stars like Parul Chauhan, Alok Nath, Sachin Shroff, Gauri Tong and much more.


Permanent tattoos for Kemar Roach, fast bowler for West Indies, Anirudh Singh from Deccan Chargers




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